Photo by Leslie Carvitto

Photo by Leslie Carvitto


Motivated by that which make us uniquely human in a beautiful world, Chad is passionate about bringing people together and capturing those moments which inspire a longing to return to that day. You'll find that nearly his entire portfolio comes from the honest and candid rather than the posed. He aims to capture those nostalgic glimpses to which we find ourselves flashing back in our minds.

With a focus on outdoor adventure, particularly around camp life, outdoor portraiture, and product photography, Chad is always excited to discuss collaborations with fellow creatives and those companies which inspire the adventure in all of us. If you would like to work together to share a visual story, please reach out!

If adding a classic adventure vehicle to the scene would complement your story and make your audience swoon, options include a timeless 1978 Toyota LandCruiser in sky blue as well as an iconic white Land Rover Discovery built for epic adventures. You'll find photos of both on the portfolio page.

Chad is based in Seattle, WA, though you'll find him and his family & friends roaming the backroads of the Pacific Northwest at every opportunity he can find.